Where Some See Problems, We See Opportunities

Seek behavior support at ETHAS

It's easy to see the behavior of a special needs person as a problem with no real solution. However, it's simply a behavioral challenge that they can overcome. Intellectual disabilities make communication difficult, which can cause your loved one to feel frustrated and angry. When they can't express that anger in a healthy way, poor behavioral habits form.

Effective Targeted Holistic Adult & Adolescent Services can work with your loved one to understand the underlying problem. We'll then create a support plan to encourage more effective communication.

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How does the behavior support plan work?

Our job is to help our patients modify their behavior so they can experience greater success in life. Behavior support at ETHAS involves:

  • Evaluating the patient's behavior
  • Developing strategies to improve behavior
  • Creating a behavioral support plan
  • Teaching staff and family about the plan
  • Monitoring the patient's progress

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