1. What is the SCL Waiver? Supports for Community Living (SCL) is a home and community-based waiver under the Kentucky Medicaid program and developed as an alternative to institutional care for individuals with intellectual or developmental disabilities. SCL allows individuals to remain in or return to the community in the least restrictive setting.
  2. Who is eligible? Individuals with developmental or intellectual disabilities who meet requirements for residence in an intermediate care facility for people with developmental or intellectual disabilities (ICF/IID) and who meet other Medicaid requirements are eligible for these services.
  3. What is the first step in accessing SCL services? Contacting a case management agency can be helpful in: completing a MAP 620 (application), obtaining a statement from the person's primary care physician stating the person meets eligibility criteria, and the completion of the diagnosis's on Axis I, II, and III. The case management agency can support the individual and/or family in obtaining all this information to be given to the Department for Behavioral Health, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities (DBHDID).
  4. How do I begin the process to obtain the Michelle P. Waiver? Contact the local Comprehensive Care Center for an assessment.