Before Success Comes Holistic Support

Find the caregiving support you need at ETHAS

Admission into Effective Targeted Holistic Adult & Adolescent Services' Supports for Community Living (SCL) starts with a case manager. Once admitted, the case manager will work with your loved one to develop a plan for success. Together, we'll maintain and improve the patient's health, safety and community involvement.

If your child or loved one needs special support, contact ETHAS today at 606-679-6995.

Our patients are never on their own

Building a successful life with an intellectual disability is an ongoing process. We'll monitor your loved one's progress and make course corrections when necessary. The case manager will:

  • Help your loved one develop a social support system beyond ETHAS
  • Communicate with your loved one through face-to-face visits, assessments and documentation
  • Verify that the resources we've provided for your loved one continue to meet their changing needs

This program meets the requirements of the Kentucky Medicaid Provider of Supports for Community Living and the Michelle P. Waiver.

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